Project Description

Project presentation

Are you interested in receiving financing by SeedCapital Invest AG? To enable us to get to know your startup and to make an initial evaluation, please reply to the following questions on your project.

Business idea
Please sketch your business idea in a few words.

Customer benefit
What customer benefit do you plan to generate, or what problem do you plan to solve for your customers? What tools and technologies will you use to generate this benefit?

What market are you aiming to serve, and what information do you have on this market? How do you plan to organize your entry into the market and your marketing efforts?

What distinguishes your product from solutions that are already available in the marketplace? Do you already have patents on your innovation?

How is your team made up, what is the background of its individual members, and what are their tasks and functions? Where do you see gaps in the team?

Does any business plan and development roadmap exist, and at what point have you arrived?

What investments have already been made, and by whom? What is your financing requirement and your financial plan, and on what does your capital requirement depend?

Opportunities and risks
What opportunities do you see for your startup, and what risks have you identified?

Send your replies to these questions by e-mail to Please also attach any other documents that you believe might be of interest to us. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.